Ego. Definition. The part of the psychic apparatus that experiences and reacts to the outside world and thus mediates between the primitive drives of the id and the demands of the social and physical environment.

The ego is man made not God created. I have loved my ego for most of my life but it fades a little bit more each new day. Relinquishing my ego means I need not compete. I have no desire to be better than anyone. I am a minimalist. I am a fringe dweller. This is not my home.

ACIM Chapter 20:53
Is the malevolence of the unholy relationship, so seeming powerful and so bitterly misunderstood and so invested in a false attraction your preference to the holy instant, which offers you peace and understanding? Then lay aside the body and quietly transcend it, rising to welcome what you really want. And from His holy temple, look you not back on what you have awakened from. For no illusions can attract the mind that has transcended them, and left them far behind.

There is nothing here that I want. Only forgiveness of what never was. I am here only to help in any way I can. Take a hard look at human history. Could God have created such a mess? This place will never be our home. It is simply a detour into fear. A place where guilt can increase. The place of acting out karma.

What am I to do in my remaining time here? Learn. Forgive. Love. Pass along the remedy.
I have already risen above the battlefield. I am just an observer. I know the Truth. I have Someone Who walks beside me showing me the way. Human repetition compulsion is not the way.

Being lead into the real world is the way, the Truth and the Life. Jeff

(OE) Chapter 3
Consciousness is correctly
identified as the domain of the ego. The ego is a man-made attempt to perceive
himself as he wished to be rather than as he is. This is an example of the createdcreator
confusion we have spoken of before. Yet man can only know himself as he
is because that is all he can be sure of. Everything else is open to question.
41 The ego is the questioning compartment in the post-separation psyche
which man created for himself. It is capable of asking valid questions but not of
perceiving valid answers because these are cognitive and cannot be perceived. The
endless speculation about the meaning of mind has led to considerable confusion
because the mind is confused. Only One-Mindedness is without confusion. A
separated or divided mind must be confused; it is uncertain by definition. It has to
be in conflict because it is out of accord with itself.

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I am a student of A Course in Miracles since 2007.
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